How urban sketchers stay warm

Six fantastic and fearless women from the American Women’s Club in Zurich met with me today to sketch Ankerstrasse of all places – thank you ladies!

Sketching together

After teaching them three simple techniques to capture the city in ink and watercolour, we found a great spot to sit and sketch the world going by.

I was so impressed with their stamina, desire to sketch and the beautiful images they created. It was a super experience – sketching as a part of a group is so much fun.

And we got lots of practice – three hours – so I think the answer to how to keep warm is to sketch like mad.

Still, fingers do tend to get cold and then you get chunky sketches.

You can either pop into a café to warm up or wear super thin gloves made of flexible fabric so you have warmth and dexterity. I use a fine pair of wool gloves which are actually meant to be worn under other mittens.

Looking forward to more sketching with you ladies!



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